Elite Naturals Whitening Body Milk 400ml


Elite Body Milk

Elite Naturals Whitening Body Milk 400ml

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Beautifying body milk skillfully formulated with all natural ingredients for safe and effective whitening Elite naturals body milk is rich in kojic acid, AHA acids and carrot extract a power bank that is strong and effective enough to hit those dark spots, acne scars, pregnancy scars and other unwanted dark discolorations on the skin.

Get the best out of your skin by applying our creamy lightly scented whitening body milk on a daily basis to hydrate and moisturize your skin. Daily use of Elite Naturals body milk will make your skin radiant, smooth and soft to the touch, while illuminating your skin tone.

Best Practices: Use preferably at night follow up with SPF30 or higher in the day for best result and to prevent further discoloration.